Endeixis/Shawn — Swag Music

Этот трек был использован в ролике Skifcha — Dubstep Cat (Stereo Skifcha). Мы писали уже об этом видео.

Автор музыки — гитарист, с 2010 года увлёкшийся экспериментами сведения металла с электронными стилями музыки (преимущественно dubstep). Первые две трети трека мы слышим неплохой металл, к которому постепенно начинают подмешиваться элементы, характерные для dubstep/hip-hop (подскретчивание, зашумление, wooble и т.д.). С четвёртой минуты звучит уже не metal, а dubstep. Собственно, тема, использованная в видеоролике, можно послушать с 04:15.

Что автор говорит о себе и своём треке:

Since 2010, I’ve been getting into electronic music more and more, especially dubstep. I eventually stumbled upon the idea of composing a metal track with wobbles layered on top, hoping it would expand my artistic horizons in different directions. However, I was stuck on a writers block at the time.

In May, I took a trip to San Francisco for the weekend. At the top of the Twin Peaks looking over the city, I finally broke through my writers block and came up with a bunch of metal riffs that I was planning to include into a «Random Song Idea 2 :D». I didn’t have my guitar with me of course, but I recorded my ideas on a piano app on my phone. The ideas eventually manifested into a metal song.

I began recording in early June. That’s when I thought of finally applying dubstep wobbles to my track. And so I did. :D Nevertheless, my experience as a dubstep producer is at a beginner level.

«Shawn, why did you name it ‘Swag Music’?»
Actually, I don’t know, probably to lessen the seriousness of this particular track. ‘Swag’ is one of those words that are thrown around so much, the colloquial meaning has nearly disappeared. That, and I asked people about the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the phrase «Swag Music». I got responses like «dubstep» and «Tyler the Creator».


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